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Friday, April 20, 2012

Moving Euro's to South Africa - What do I save?

The question is what can I save by using a decent money transfer company and I want to transfer Euro to South Africa.

Let us assume you want to transfer 150,000 euro to South Africa

When you use the bank you will incur a fee of approximately  25 euros, however through Globalfundi the savings are awesome as there are no fees and an additional savings on exchange rate with the end result being that you typically will be saving around 2,000 euros!

hope that helps......

Thursday, March 15, 2012

SA's fastest growing gifting service - I get a Thank you

Often we see services that are of such a high standard go unrewarded without a thank you.  When you do get that service given to you and you walk away and think - how do I thank this company or people, because I know what they have done is awesome and suited everything that I needed plus a lot more.

Recently we were asked by an Italian business couple to transfer 450,000 Euros to South Africa for the purchase of a restaurant and the couple were terrified having had a shady experience recently and they contacted us at Globalfundi.  Well we happily setup the deal, received all SA Exchange Control approval and did the deal for them on a Friday, tracked it over the weekend and on Tuesday the money was cleared in the local bank account and the great news was that they saved 3% on transaction fees as the service was free.

You can imagine the excitement and total "Italianess" of the two and we let it rest as that knowing we had a very satisfied client.

On the Thursday to my surprise a delivery van arrived at my office with what I learned was the same day delivery service, was " A Complete Nutter " gift hamper assortment of nuts in a designer team gift box delivered in a funky truck that said NetGifts: SA's fastest growing gifting service - what a great thank you, because not only was I the one getting a gift from a gifting service as great as this and from an even greater client, so did all of my staff - each gift personalized.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


When transferring money to Australia - whether to Sydney, Canberra or Perth – you should shop around for a foreign exchange deal that is best for you and a decent money transfer service. There are many top FSA regulated foreign currency specialists to ensure that transferring money to Australia, whatever the amount, is fast, cheap and cost-effective. So, whether you are buying a second home overseas in Brisbane or Sydney, importing goods from the Gold Coast or making regular maintenance payments - foreign exchange is likely to be an important consideration in your life.

The speed of a money transfer service to Australia is subject to many factors, including:
  • Approval by the anti-fraud verification system
  • Funds availability from sender's payment account (checking, credit or debit card)
  • Recipient-country banking hours and banking system availability
  • Difference in time zones
Your recipient will receive cash in local currency - deposited in to their bank account or delivered to their homes or businesses. Banks and money transfer payout partners provide a secure and fast means of sending customer's money abroad. TransferMate is one of those comprehensive solutions for individuals and businesses who are looking for an efficient foreign exchange broker to send money to Australia.  Globalfundi is another.

Transferring money to Australia no longer takes weeks. Unlike cluttered bank procedures, money transfer specialists provide a smooth and dedicated service to their clients and are able to send any amount to Australia in two business days.  Whatever your reason for transferring money to Australia there is a comprehensive range of options to cover all your needs such as
·         Payment of overseas tuition fees
·         A down payment on an expensive gift?
·         Funding for a second home payment?
·         transfer of money to Australia for emigration purposes?
·         Transfer money to Australia for import / export?
·         Retiring to Australia?
·         Salary conversion to Australia?

It is crucial that your foreign currency transfers to Australia are done at the best possible price in order to maximize the value of your transfers. Many foreigners are increasingly emigrating and expatriating to Australia, in search of a better quality of life. When you transfer or send Money from SA to Australia looking for Australian dollars, exchange rate fluctuations can make a huge difference to the amount of money you will have to spend – so make sure to get the best deal.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where is our hard-earned money going? 2012 SA Budget

Where is our hard-earned money going?

It is obvious that today’s 2012 budget speech by Pravin Gordhan will affect everything that we are going to be paying for in the coming year; this includes our insurance premiums, the interest rates on our bonds, borrowing money, education, and all the utilities that we use on a daily basis. The SA budget will also affect the food we consume, the clothes we wear, our old-age pensioners, water and lights, our business lives, and anything to do with leisure.
It is going to be interesting to see how the 2012 budget speech will affect the ordinary man in the street, and especially those that are in need of buying a home this year.  The budget will no doubt affect anyone investing in property in a very big way.
If the SA Government continues to spend as much on public servants’ accounts it would then be a tough one to swallow, and will have an adverse effect on everyone living in SA.
Although the property market has slowed down its pace in the past couple of years, there are those that still need to buy homes for a variety of reasons. These could be first time home buyers, those taking up job opportunities in different and varied locations for a variety of reasons; there is a multitude of reasons for buying or changing a home, even in a tough economic climate, and the 2012 budget speech is going to have a domino effect on those that need to invest in properties, especially if it is for the very first time.
Many home owners forget to build essential insurance into their costs, and remember that insurance companies are always going to look at a multitude of factors that will affect monthly premiums. Location is always a very pertinent point to take into consideration, regardless of what the outcome of the SA budget  is going to look like later on today. Insurance houses will always take into consideration the level of security you have installed to safe-guard your largest asset as well, and location, location, location is the biggie here.
Bear in mind that if you buy property where there is a tendency for landslides or flooding, your insurance house has the choice to exclude these conditions; find out if your insurance would be willing to cover for flood damage, etc., especially if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters; most times, though, the insurance company will load your household insurance for these claims. Remember that looking at the fine print and asking whether your insurance would cover  for these eventualities is all-important. If you are in doubt regarding insurance cover, it is always prudent to ask someone you trust to give you and honest second opinion. Should the location of your home have a tendency towards being a fire-hazard, such as a thatch roof home, then your insurance company would automatically insist that you add on extra lightning conductors to safe-guard your home.
SA Budget or no, when looking to buying or investing in a property, look for the best in the business; select a trustworthy estate agent with an excellent track record, and when insuring your home, it is prudent to shop around to find a quote and package that is best suited to your needs.
When you invest in a property your insurance company will be particular about a couple of other factors when covering your home.
These are:

·         Safety; ensure that all the wiring, plumbing or gas lines are in peak condition.
·         Your prospective home has to be in a reasonably good state of repair when you are looking for insurance cover.
Remember that you will have to have a good credit record when applying for a bond, or for insurance so ensure that your credit history is healthy; you can easily find this out online from the three major credit bureaus.
It is going to be an interesting and challenging year not only for South Africa, but also for our European brothers and sisters. Do your homework before making any financial decisions in 2012 to safeguard your assets. The 2012 budget speech focus is going to be interesting and will show where our money is going to be spent.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Interest rates remain unchanged!

The Pound remained on the front foot against the Euro yesterday, ahead of the EU Summit today and reports that Britain had rejected the treaty. The decline in risk appetite meant the Pound declined back towards near-term support in the region of 1.5550 versus the U.S Dollar, but the UK currency made widespread gains versus the higher-yielding currencies like the Australian Dollar and the South African Rand.

There was no surprise for the Bank of England yesterday, as interest rates were left unchanged at 0.5%, while the quantitative easing plan was also unchanged at £275 billion. As usual with a no policy change, there was no MPC statement and we'll have to wait for the minutes of the meeting later this month to gauge the voting pattern.

The Pound edged higher following the decision and pushed to highs above 1.5750 against the Dollar before retreating sharply, as risk sentiment declined. The UK currency was undermined by the general flow of funds into the Dollar with lows near 1.56, as it held firm against the Euro. There will be speculation of political isolation surrounding the EU summit and, much more damagingly, there will be fears that the UK economy will be vulnerable to any possibility of a Euro-zone break-up.
Safe haven demand for Sterling will continue to be a key factor and there will be expectations of further defensive inflows, despite fears over the UK economic outlook. The principal feature is likely to be a sustained increase in volatility. The European Central Bank cut interest rates yesterday ahead of the EU summit, which could determine if any of the region's members can keep a top credit rating with Standard & Poor's.

Although the Bank of England is reluctant to extend quantitative easing measures until the current round of purchases have been completed, King introduced a new sterling liquidity measure this week to help banks weather any further escalation of the sovereign debt crisis. The Pound and the Euro fell against the Dollar, after the ECB President Mario Draghi dampened speculation that the Central Bank would buy more bonds to fight the debt crisis.

Bank of England policy maker Martin Weale said on November 25th that there's a strong case for further QE in the future and Paul Fisher also conceded that more stimulus may be needed. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research said yesterday that UK economic growth slowed to 0.3% in the three months through November, increasing fears of a recession.

Where is the worlds debt today

Today total global debt stands at approximately $150 trillion, or 194% of global gross domestic product


Friday, October 21, 2011

So who offers some great Money Transfer services

GLOBALFUNDI - this is what they have to say!
With the forex market in South Africa being as fluid as it is you need a Forex company who has solid business policies while innovative business solutions. You need a business who understands that events across the world can easily influence the profit of money transfer in South Africa. We at Globalfundi have both that knowledge and the network to best safeguard your forex investment.
We can assist you with all your forex needs, be it the on the spot market you wish to venture into or perhaps the longer term forward marketing, with minimal hassle because we are perfection driven in what we do. Commitment to exceptional trading services is what will make us the best in the South African forex trading industry.
To be the best in an international trade requires a company to understand that collaborations are the key to being the best forex company in South Africa. At Globalfundi we have fostered firm, lasting relationships with foreign based companies known for their excellence in foreign exchange. With a solid foundation built on service commitment, financial experts and leading market analysts Globalfundi is the perfect platform in South Africa on which to launch your forex trading endeavor.
You want the best when it comes to your money and at Globalfundi the best is the minimum that we offer. For a reliable, international partnered forex trading company, best use Globalfundi now.